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Inspired by über-hip mini-makeover and martini socials frequented by socialites in L.A. and New York City, Beauty Escape launched in 2009 to produce similar events with a Southern twist for women who appreciate exclusive pampering and social gatherings. The motto “where beauty meets bliss” is exemplified during the RSVP-only events in which guests are treated to professional makeup services and delicious cocktails in chic venues. In collaboration with top beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands, Beauty Escape is also known for its complimentary mini-massages, retail therapy, and Beauty Bash gift bags. It’s truly the ultimate girls’ day out for women of all ages to enjoy pampering and shopping in a fabulous setting.  Sign up for event notifications or contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

Over the years, Beauty Escape has expanded its professional makeup services to accommodate private celebrations (birthday parties, bridal showers), corporate events, small groups (pageants, cheer dance group competitions), and entertainment (film, TV, music, and theater productions).  Currently, the specialty services are only available in Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.   Learn more or contact us for booking info.

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